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My Picks of 2011

I know that we are on day 4 of 2012, and looking back at 2011 has already become old news, but I still want to share some of my favorite moments in music. I contributed to the  Dec. 22, cover story of Now in Salt Lake with my fellow IN writers and in that story, I listed my selections of music, local bands and more, that stood out in 2011. Below you will see what my picks were and if you want to see the whole story, then check out the article here.

(Photo of Bright Eyes is courtesy of Kelly Badger)

Top 5 Songs [Autumn Thatcher]
1 • "Turning Page," Sleeping At Last. The fourth song on the "Breaking Dawn part 1" soundtrack is so beautiful and ethereal that it will melt the iciest of hearts. It was written specifically for the movie and the instrumentation of the song is repeatedly played throughout the wedding scene in the film. This song may not be featured all over the radio and on MTV, but it is a new favorite.
2 • "The Cave," Mumford & Sons. This Grammy-nominated 2011 breakout band can do no wrong in my opinion. Their 2009 "Sigh No More" album was repeatedly at number one in top iTunes downloads this year and is chock full of great tracks, this one gets my adrenaline pumping and makes my jogs much more enjoyable.
3 • "Rolling in the Deep," Adele. This song needs no explanation.
4 • "Lighters," Bad Meets Evil featuring Bruno Mars. I can't help it, I love Eminem and have quickly become a sucker for Bruno Mars and that seriously amazing voice of his. This song features Eminem (Evil) and an old friend of his, Royce da 5'9" (Bad).
5 • "Even if I Don't," Rachael Yamagata. the singer/songwriter released her third studio album in October and the first song on the track is a perfect representation of the growth that she has experienced. And it's really good to listen to, like so good that you replay it a lot. At least I do.
Top 5 music interviews [Autumn Thatcher]
1 • Mickey Avalon. The glam rapper had me nervous to talk to him, thinking that he would be so wild, eccentric and obscene. Instead, he was distracted and practically lifeless and because of that, he will forever remain one of my most memorable interviews.
2 • St. Vincent. The electro-indie-pop rocker had me at first glance from the cover of Spin magazine at the airport over the summer, and when I got to interview her she was so articulate and her voice was so hypnotizing that I am convinced she could have told me to do anything and I would think it was a good idea.
3 • Jackson Rathbone. The in-person interview with the "Twilight" star and multi-instrumentalist for 100 Monkeys nearly had me shaking in my boots because I was so flustered. Rathbone is well spoken, talented, well-read and damn fine. Try looking into those eyes and remember what you were supposed to say, I dare you.
4 • Bob Schneider. The Austin native wasn't thrilled to have his practice session interrupted by my phone call but once he started talking he was so charming and hilarious that he had me laughing to the point of tears. Only Bob Schneider could talk about having sex with his grandmother like it's normal.
5 • Tom DeLong and Mark Hoppus. Although the interview was a press conference, listening to the two banter back and forth and make me laugh at their ridiculous comments had the teenaged Blink 182-loving girl in me jumping for joy, especially when it was my turn to ask questions.
Top 5 concerts [Autumn Thatcher]
1 • Bright Eyes at Twilight Concert Series. My undying love for Conor Oberst has had people call me everything from obsessed to pathetic. Oberst is to me what Bob Dylan is to Baby Boomers. His show at Pioneer Park was more than I could have hoped for because he played a number of my all time favorite songs that I had not yet seen live. The concert had me on a high for weeks after and I still get twitterpated when I think about it.
2 • Maria Taylor at The State Room. Maria Taylor opened for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit and she was so good that those there early begged her to play more. I have long been a fan of Taylor's but this time, I took my fianc? to see the show with me and he finally understood why I love her so much.
3 • St. Vincent at Urban Lounge. The show was sold-out, the line was incredibly long and St. Vincent did not take the stage until after midnight, but she was more than worth the wait. She is simply magical on stage.
4 • Puscifer at Capitol Theatre. It was my first-time ever seeing Puscifer live. Maynard James Keenan performed along with a hot, British sidekick, Carina Round. The show was full of political statements and Maynard was pretty much amazing.
5 • The Parlotones at Urban Lounge. This South African megaband was a contender for my list of favorite interviews . The group is huge in South Africa and is humbly trying to build a fanbase in the U.S. They put on a hell of a rock show that made it clear that these guys are super stars in their home country. And they were so nice to meet after the show.
5 local bands to watch [Autumn Thatcher]
1 • The Suicycles
2 • King Niko
3 • Fictionist
4 • Samuel Smith Band
5 • Uncle Scam

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