Saturday, January 28, 2012

David Duchovny, I Think You Love Me...

It's closing weekend of Sundance 2012, and while I have lots of good stories to tell, there is one in particular that will keep me smiling for some time to come.

When we received the program for this year's Sundance, we were asked to take a look and tell the editors of the Salt Lake Tribune, what premieres we would want to do red carpet at. I looked through the book and bypassed names such as reigning "Sexiest Man Alive," Bradley Cooper, and my heart stopped when my eye read "David Duchovny."

I have loved David Duchovny since his days as Fox Mulder on "The X-Files." That show was a weekly tradition for my dad and I. My brother got Sunday football, and I got Sunday "X-Files." Each week before the show aired, my dad would make us brownies and milk shakes and we would settle in to watch the episode. My love for Duchovny blossomed in to having his posters hanging on my wall and a birthday gift of the Mulder and Scully Barbie dolls. My best friend's mom even bought me the entire series on DVD.

So, years later, I hold a special place in my heart for David Duchovny. He was the man who brought my dad and I together, who helped me form a friendship with a girl in my school who was also an avid "X-Files" fan and who helped one of my other best friends and I connect over our love of all things Mulder and Scully.

I quickly sent my request in to do the red carpet for his film, "Goats," which was directed by Christopher Neil. Ty Burrell, who plays Phil in "Modern Family," is also in the film as is Kerri Russell and Vera Farmiga.

I got the red carpet assignment and then decided, "what the hell? I might as well ask for a one-on-one with Duchovny. The worst they can do is say no."

I was in complete shock when I received an email from his publicist saying that my one-on-one was confirmed.

The day of the one-on-one had me early for the interview, which resulted in my being a part of a round-table discussion with the cast and director. When David Duchovny approached the table, he sat right next to me and I was so excited and nervous and shocked, that I had to contain myself so as to look professional.

His voice is very unique and it was crazy to hear it in-person rather than coming from the TV. He looked super handsome and was quite charming. Since the days of "X-Files," and the start of "Californication," which is in its fifth season, Duchovny has become more famous for his sex addiction than his characters. People asked me if he was creepy or if he came on to me or if he was anything like Hank Moody, his "Californication" character, and I was kind of surprised that people think that way.

Would he really be a creeper in an interview? Maybe. But I had higher expectations for Duchovny, and he met them.

I didn't ask him much during the round-table discussion and during our one-on-one, I joked with him and asked him about the huge beard that his "Goats" character sports. We had some inside jokes and I got a picture with his sexy arm around me. I was floating on clouds.

I warned Duchovny that I would be on the red carpet that evening and promised him that I am not a stalker. He told me that I better come up with new questions and he joked that I could always ask him what he is wearing as a fallback question. I told him that I hate that question and he said, "me too. Especially because I never know what I am wearing."

Later on the red carpet, he came up to me and asked, "So, did you think of any questions." THAT was the flirtatious moment (well, in my mind). He stood wayyyyy close to me (again, in my mind) and we laughed and I asked him about growing weed (because his character does in the film) and I have no idea what he said because my mind is a blur. All I can remember is how incredibly close David Duchovny was standing to me and how if I just reached out a teenie tiny bit...

Back to reality. I asked him what he was wearing and he started laughing. A real laugh. And that is when I realized that I had a private joke with David Duchovny. My last moments with him ended all too soon. But, I will forever cherish that day up at Sundance.

Meeting David Duchovny meant that the little fan-girl from high school grew up, and stopped talking about meeting celebrities and started doing it. Some of them are let-downs. Some of them make you wish you never wanted to meet them. Some of them think they are better than everybody else. And some of them, are exactly how you hope they will be.

David Duchovny was everything I hoped he would be. And more.

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