Friday, December 16, 2011

Bob Schneider

We are working on our next issue and I am not going to post anything from it until it comes out in print next week but the assignment has me reflecting on some of my experiences over the past year. I remembered my experience interviewing Austin-based singer/songwriter Bob Schneider and laughed out loud.
The hunky musician was not super thrilled to talk to me when I first called because he was in the middle of practice. But as soon as we started talking he warmed up and quickly became one of my all time favorite interviews. That is saying a lot because I have been interviewing national touring bands for over eight years.
Schneider was soooo funny and had me laughing to the point of tears. He made fun of his own awkwardness on stage because he was doing a solo tour when we talked. He told me that he tends to get nervous when he is up there by himself and starts overcompensating on stage by talking too much and ends up going too far with his subject matter. For example, he told me about ending up talking about having sex with his dead grandmother. Sounds awful, but it was so funny. Turns out that even successful, award-winning musicians are human too.
There's more to come but for now, read my article on the interview. Then check out his music.

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