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Something Mystic This Way Comes

Last week, my colleague Daisy, and I, were assigned to get psychic readings done for our cover story. I was totally stoked on this idea. I love the metaphysical and learning about energies and things that go beyond our earthly realm and into the unknown. It is because of this love that I assumed my reading would be a fun experience that had me bonding with the psychic. My experience was quite opposite of what I imagined it to be. I had two readings done and the first one left me on-edge and feeling completely drained. The second one was a much different experience and had me feeling drained but in a good way. My parts of the article are below along with the introduction that I wrote. Read the full story, which includes the details of Daisy's readings here.

Many psychics have said that the veil between the spirit world and the earth is thin this time of year, and because of that, even the skeptics sometimes seek out readers to test the metaphysical waters. The thin veil means that communication with spirit guides and the deceased is easier to achieve and if you are looking to get some guidance from the beyond, now is the time to do it. We sent two Now In Salt Lake writers to sit down with three different psychics and then discuss their personal experiences to give you an idea of what a psychic reading can be like and find out just how thin that veil is.

Golden Braids Books, Jade Moser
I knew before we event went to The Golden Braid that I was heading for trouble. I was not worried about my psychic reading but whether or not I would be able to resist spending money while there.

I have had tarot readings before and even dabble in the cards myself. I am very open to all things metaphysical and because of this, I assumed that I was going to have a fun reading where Jade and I ended up joyously connecting on all sorts of levels. That was far from what actually happened.

I was worried about my reading with Jade as soon as I met her because while Daisy laughed and chatted, I kept glancing over at Jade and caught her staring at me intensely. It was then that I knew that my reading was going to be anything but light.

With Daisy by my side, Jade had me go first and asked me to put the hand that I don’t write with on the cards. She then laid the cards out on the table and told me that she is not a card reader but rather a channeler. She does not care what the cards have to say, but she does tell you what your guides want you to know based on what is turned over. My guides wanted me to know that I need to have more sex. When I heard that, I was a bit perplexed but knew my fiance would be overjoyed. Apparently, there is no such thing as too much lovin’ in the sack.

After that, I learned that I have four guides watching over me. Two are male and two are female and the stronger presence is a female guide who Jade says is Egyptian with eyes so blue that they are almost violet. She told me that I should wear more gold to create a better connection with this guide and if I did this, I would be more open to hearing what she wants me to know.

I was stoked about my Egyptian guide. I have always been fascinated with Egyptian history and symbolism and one of my first tattoos was of the Egyptian Ankh (for any skeptics reading this, that tattoo was not visible).

The beginning part of the reading had me smiling on the inside, but I soon hit a wall of emotion when Jade said that there was something bothering me from my past that I needed to work through in order to move forward. She then asked me to try and remember something from my childhood that we could discuss to see if it is related to some of my issues now.

It was at that moment that my reading turned in to what felt like an intense therapy session. My smile faded when I was asked to go into detail about the memory that came to mind and suddenly, issues that I have spent years working on surfaced right there in front of Daisy and a stranger I had just met.

Jade walked me through her Quantum Neuro Linguistics Programming, where we take a bad memory and imprint it with a new memory. Psychologically, we are creating a new memory in the past that will help us move forward in the present. I liked the idea of NLP and plan to discuss it with my best friend who would totally be in to this but overall, by the end of my nearly 30-minute reading I was emotionally drained, tired, angry and slightly embarrassed.

Later, Daisy admitted that my reading was intensely personal and that there were moments where she wondered if she should get up and wander around while I worked with Jade. I did a lot of thinking and that night I processed everything that we had discussed.

I guess I still have a lot of issues from my past to work through but what I realized through Jade is that my past does not need to hold me down nor does it determine who I am today.

I was fascinated by Jade and though I am grateful for the bonding that Daisy and I were able to experience through our readings, I plan to make my next trip to Jade a solo one.

The Pamela Michaels Healing Center, Pamela Michaels

If I had my way, I would hang out at the Pamela Michaels Healing Center every day. The Pamela Michaels Healing Center calms you before you even meet its creator, Pamela Michaels, and if ever you doubted the power of the universe and its energies, then the PMHC will make those doubts disappear in an instant.

Each room is beautiful and unique, and themed for different chakras. My favorite room was the sound room, a room filled with different crystals such as Rose and Smoky Quartz, all of which balance your chakras. The best part were the tables that held on them Sound Energy Healing bowls. The beautiful bowls are used to create sounds to center you and help with meditation and balance.

Pamela and Tawnia played the bowls and suddenly, Pamela stopped and placed her hand in front of my forehead and said, “I am just centering you real quick. You have a lot of family energy coming off of you.” I smiled and mulled over the past 24 hours, which consisted of processing my previous reading with Jade. Pamela then told me that I needed to stop multi-tasking and just focus. I was taken aback by how she seemed to know exactly what was going through my mind and I began to wonder if my aura was just screaming “issues!”

Because of my intense reading the day before, I asked if Daisy and I should do personal readings. The plan was that because there were two psychics, we would spend a little bit of time with each. The plan was a good one, but Daisy and I connected so well with our individual psychics that there was not enough time to do two readings.

My reading was with Pamela in the Hindu room, which Pamela refers to as the “relationship room.” It is in this room framed by paintings of Hindu gods and lovers that Pamela has given readings to couples about their relationships. What Pamela has read for some of these couples is anything but happy and so I was very pleased to discover that according to the cards and my guides, I have a great relationship.

Pamela and Jade both commented on how good my relationship is and how well Daveed and I work together and how happy we will be. I don’t doubt my relationship so that part of my reading was fun more than anything else.

Pamela spoke to me about my relationship and mentioned characteristics of Daveed and I that were dead on but that she couldn’t have possibly known unless I told her, and I didn’t. She talked about some things that we would work through before our wedding and even said that she would be shocked if we waited until next October to get married. She said that she sees a spring or summer wedding, but I would personally be shocked if it was any earlier than our original plan.

Pamela then moved on to talk about my career and my artistic side, and said I would reconnect with my musical side, which I found interesting because I have been considering returning to singing and playing the violin for the past couple of months, but have not really mentioned it to anyone. She told me that I have a very strong psychic energy and that I had a gift that I should explore further.

We talked about my reading with Jade and the stuff from my childhood and it was weird to me that she said, “you don’t remember your childhood much, do you?” Because Jade and I had just discussed that yesterday.

My conversations with Pamela were more comforting than with Jade but this is neither better nor worse, only a nice change of pace from what the day before had been like for me.

The part of the reading that gave me goosebumps was when Pamela got quiet and looked past me and then told me that there was an older woman who came into the room and stood behind me when we were talking about my dad. She assumed it was a grandmother but since both of mine were alive, that wasn’t the case. It was pretty weird and I am still wondering who the old lady watching over me was. Maybe it was Daisy’s grandmother popping in to check on who her granddaughter is hanging out with these days. Hopefully, she approved.

I had so much fun talking with Pamela about her gifts, how to delve deeper into mine and how to let my creative side loose. The time flew by and before you knew it, it was time for Daisy and I to go. I didn’t want to leave. I felt like I had met a kindred spirit who could teach me so much.

The best thing about that experience is knowing that I can go back. And I cannot wait to take my mom to meet Pamela and Tawnia, and maybe one day, Pamela will let me have a sleepover there. We can do tarot readings and hang out with the ghosts that haunt the neighborhood.

(This article originally written for Now in Salt Lake, Oct. 27, 2011, issue)

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