Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rockstar Mom

Last week I talked to a musician who by the time I finished with our interview, had me completely smitten with her way of band life.

Kori Gardner is half of the husband-wife duo, Mates of State, who are currently on tour promoting their album, "Mountaintops." Gardner and her husband, Jason Hammel, have been making music together for over 14 years. They began as friends and then became lovers, then got married and later had two little girls. Throughout the course of their time together, the Mates of State pair has grown stronger in their relationship and has changed the face of touring.

What makes this pair different than many other bands is that they bring their children on the road with them. In fact, the band is pretty much known for having two girls in tow at all times and according to Gardner, anyone who comes on tour with them knows that the kids come first.

After talking with Gardner, I was in awe of how much this lady rocks. She is a wife, a mother and a rockstar. She talked to me about finding herself again after becoming a mom and the business that she started for musician moms on the road called "Charter Nannies."

I want to be just like Kori Gardner when I grow up.

Check out my interview with her here.

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