Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Celebrating Love on Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day is a love-hate kind of thing for most people. Businesses want to count on the day of love to get consumers to spend, spend, spend. Pressure is put on those in a relationship to do something romantic and those that are single tend to get pretty annoyed with the day as a whole. I am engaged now, so maybe I won't be taken seriously when I write this, but I honestly think that just because you're not in a romantic relationship with someone does not mean that you can't make the most of Valentine's Day.

Before I met Daveed, I would often celebrate with my girlfriends by getting dolled up, buying each other flowers and taking lots of Tequila shots before hitting the town for a night singlehood glory. Some years we would go out. Sometimes we would binge out on food and watch "Sex and the City," but no matter what, we always had fun. My sister and I would buy each other roses and last year, my niece and nephew gave me a Valentine's card signed by them in their (at the time) 3 and 4-year-old handwriting, and my heart melted. That Valentine's card is still hanging on my fridge.

I am so grateful that I have Daveed and am excited to exchange gifts with him tonight. But, I also get to celebrate the love for my family, for my best friends, for my snuggly kitty and adoring dog and I am convinced that most of you can find a relationship full of love worth celebrating. So, do that. And don't let the flowers and box of chocolate hearts make you feel bad, they die and make you fat anyway.

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