Sunday, September 25, 2011

Speaking of Female Music Writers...

Shortly after I posted my little blurb about not knowing too many female music writers, I ran across the cover story for the August "Style" issue of Spin magazine. And what do you know! It is a story about a female musician (St. Vincent) by a female writer, Julie Klausner.

I ate the story up not because it was written by a woman but because it was very well-written and I am excited that I came across it. On a side note, St. Vincent is playing in Salt Lake in October and I am desperately trying to get an interview with her. If I do get the interview, I only hope that I do half as good of a job as Ms. Klausner did. I encourage you to read the article here.

I also found Klausner's website and wow, she has quite the resume and on top of it all, she's funny too. Check her out, you won't regret it.

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